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Active Lifestyles

Beautiful styles! Incredibly comfortable fabrics! The most durable materials!
These are the custom-molded shoes that make life worth walking about!

  • CAD/CAM techniques utilized throughout the manufacturing process – for precise fit, quality and workmanship.
  • This is the shoe built from the inside out, with its own custom interior that features our exclusive weight-bearing system to protect sensitive areas for maximum comfort and accommodation.
  • Brand new stretchable, breathable Medi-Flex fabric – the standard for exceptional fit, comfort, function and flexibility. Accommodates hammertoes, bunions, edema and hypersensitive feet.
  • Exclusive sports lining for maximum comfort – available either as a standard feature or option on most new shoes.*
  • Technical and professional support every step of the way, with direct pedorthic supervision to assist in the dispensing process.

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