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About Jerry Miller Shoes

Our shoemaking facility is situated in an historic building, where we have assembled some of the world’s finest shoemaking equipment and craftsmen. Since 1954, we have remained committed to making the best custom-molded shoes and delivering professional, thorough and courteous service. We stand by our promise to make you completely satisfied with the fit, craftsmanship and quality of our footwear.

Custom Shoes.
Customized Service.
Worry-Free Dispensing.

Wide selection of custom molded footwear — in contemporary styles — for every condition, for all walks of life.

Complete technical and professional support — our highly-skilled technicians are ready to help with every step of the dispensing process.

All shoes made under direct pedorthic supervision.

Complete repair and refurbishing services.

For dispensers in your area call 1-800-435-0065

Each shoe is customized according to the specific footcare needs of the patient:

  • Lightweight or Regular construction.
  • Seamless glove leather lining cradles the foot
  • High toe box ensures ample room
  • Standard 5/8″ elongation provides ample room
  • Depth recesses protect sensitive areas
  • Elongated medial counter supports the instep
  • Custom inserts provide precise alignment
  • Wide vents ease foot insertion
  • Velcro closures enhance dexterity
  • Flared sole stabilizes the foot
  • Padded collar cushions the heel
  • Rocker sole aids natural rollover
  • Welting enhances cosmetic appearance
  • Ultra lightweight construction

Buffalo Brace by Jerry Miller Shoes
The finest quality custom-molded AFO using precise, proprietary state-of-the-art CAD CAM technology.
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