Frequently Asked Questions

For further questions, we can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM (EST) by phone at 1 (800) 435-0065 or (716) 881-3920, by fax at (716) 881-0349, or at our office at 36 Mason Street Buffalo, New York 14213.

Your custom molded shoes don’t look boxy at all. How do you make them look so stylish?

Jerry Miller Shoes goes to extraordinary lengths to make sure every shoe it makes is stylish as well as functional. Each of the shoes pictured in our catalog is the style we start from. Depending on the shape of a person’s foot, however, the appearance of the shoe may vary from the look of the shoes you see in our catalog.

What about shoes for women, suitable for dressier moods?

If you aren’t satisfied with any of the styles featured in our catalog, don’t despair. We can also make custom shoes that closely match the style of any shoe you like – formal or informal. Just send us a shoe you like, and we will let you know whether we can make it to fit your feet and how much it will cost.

I have an odd shaped foot. Can you help me?

Individuals whose feet don’t fit in conventional footwear are exactly the people we can help. Our shoes are customized to accommodate not only the contour but also the condition of your feet.

I have two different size feet. Can you help me?

We certainly can. There is no “size” or “shape” of shoe we cannot make, including a pair of shoes made from two feet that don’t come close to matching each other in terms of size or shape.

How do I go about getting fitted for custom shoes?

First you need to locate a footcare specialist in your area who can help. They are usually listed in the telephone Yellow Pages under the title “Shoes – Orthopedic” or under any of the following headings: Podiatrists, Orthopedic Appliances, Prosthetic Devices, or Physicians & Surgeons – DPM Podiatrists. Often we can help you locate the name of a footcare specialist in your area simply by giving us your zip code or telephone area code.

Are Jerry Miller Shoes covered by health insurance?

Some health insurance plans may offer full or partial coverage for the cost of a pair of custom-molded shoes. But insurance coverage varies widely in the health care industry. You should always check your policy first to see if you have some coverage.

Do Medicare and/or Medicaid provide coverage for custom-molded shoes?

Individuals with diabetes who have certain foot conditions may qualify for Medicare reimbursement for the cost of one pair of custom-molded shoes and up to three pairs of custom removable inserts per year. For other foot disorders such as arthritis, and depending on where you live, Jerry Miller Shoes custom-molded shoes may also be covered by Medicaid. Check with your doctor first.

Does the Veterans Administration provide coverage for custom-molded shoes?

If you’re a veteran, you may be eligible for coverage of the cost of Jerry Miller custom molded shoes. Check with the VA to see whether you’re eligible.

How are custom-molded shoes made?

The shoemaking process actually starts in the office of your footcare specialist. There, a plaster or fiberglass mold of your feet is made. This process takes about one hour or less. While in the office, the footcare specialist will also do all the paperwork necessary to order the shoes, including advising you concerning the style of footwear and any special modifications. At our factory, a plaster last matching the three-dimensional shape of your foot is made. From this last, your shoe is made. The process involves more than 25 separate steps before it is finished, shipped back to your footcare provider and then onto your feet.

I have always had trouble with my feet. Will these shoes solve my problems?

There may be a number of reasons why you are having trouble with your feet. Among the most common is the simple fact that your conventional shoes may not fit you properly. Other causes may include a foot deformity from arthritis or diabetes or a simple biomechanical problem – such as the position of your feet when they touch the surface you are walking on. Whatever the reason, custom-molded shoes may be just what you need.

How is a custom molded shoe different from regular shoes?

Custom-molded shoes are made to accommodate the unique needs of your feet. Many times, modifications must be made to footwear to accommodate conditions like amputations, ulcerations, collapsed arches or arthritic feet, and these can alter the size and shape of your shoes. Unlike traditional footwear, your custom shoes will feature materials like deerskin uppers, abrasive-resistant soles, special lining, a custom insert, a velcro closure and elongated counters for precise fit, comfort and function without compromising appearance.

What if I want a second pair?

No problem. We can make as many pairs as you need from a single cast, now or in the future. Just ask your footcare specialist to request that we make a duplicate cast.

How long does the shoemaking process take?

Most shoes can be manufactured within 10-15 workdays, depending on the complexity of the footwear and number of requested modifications and/or additions.

What happens if the shoe doesn’t fit?

The breaking in period for a new pair of shoes usually is a week or two. If after an initial breaking in period the shoes don’t fit, we will gladly take them back for adjustments.

Is there any warranty? What is covered?

Jerry Miller Shoes guarantees its footwear for proper fit, craftsmanship and quality. If for any reason a Jerry Miller Shoe must be adjusted or remade, Jerry Miller Shoes will do so at its own expense for up to six months after your order was originally shipped. Jerry Miller Shoes is under no obligation to adjust or remake any shoe at its own expense if an incorrect or inappropriate shoe style or modification was ordered, in instances of deliberate misuse or alterations made to an item by anyone other than Jerry Miller Shoes, or for adjustments made necessary by the wearer’s change in physical condition after the receipt of your original order.

What happens when they wear, or if I need repairs?

If you ever need shoe repairs, Jerry Miller Shoes will be happy to fix them at a reasonable cost. In addition to routine repairs, we also offer a total shoe refurbishing package, including new soles, inserts, laces and leather repair. Just take them back to your footcare specialist for return to our factory.