Built-In Brace Or Exposed Built-In Brace

Custom molded shoe or boot with a custom molded brace built inside.

  • Thermal Molded 5mm Polypropylene Frame
  • Poron Padding 3mm Thick Between Frame and Lining
  • Rolled Padded Collar
  • Velcro D-Ring Padded Calf Strap 50mm Wide (Exposed Built-in Brace Only)
  • The Built-In Brace or Exposed Built-In Brace can be made with the same colors, closures and modifications that are available with any Jerry Miller shoe.
  • Height: Any
  • Style: All low shoes and boots (no clogs or sandals).
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Soling Options

Mini Rib

Durable, Good Traction Sole


Lightweight, Flexible Sole


for Hard Surfaces, Heavy Duty Wear

Vibram Silvano

Long Wearing, Excellent Grip, Slip Resistant Sole

Vibram Lug

Classic Lug, for Rugged, Industrial, Outdoor Wear

Vibram Infinity

Semi-Lug, Long Wearing Sport and Walking Shoe Sole