The Process

New State of the Art Technology, Same Skilled Craftsmen

Our custom-molded shoe factory is situated in a historic building that features state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology, the finest shoemaking equipment, and talented craftsmen from around the world with years of experience. Using the most up to date scanners, design software, and machinery, every shoe is meticulously customized for every patient maximizing comfort and fit. We are committed to making the best custom-molded shoes and braces, and delivering professional, thorough, and courteous service.

Exact Replica

Jerry Miller Shoes fit your feet perfectly because they are made from an exact replica of your foot. Every external anatomical detail is revealed on a three-dimensional plaster “last” of the your foot, molded by a healthcare professional. From this we are able to make a shoe built to accommodate every contour and bio-mechanical feature. It will not only capture the precise foot length and width, but also any profiles such as arches, ankles, heels, toes and bony prominences. The shoe will be built to accommodate pressure points, sensitive areas, and other conditions unique to a patient’s foot.

Anatomical Modifications

CAD/CAM technologies provide a non-invasive method to record the anatomical structure of a foot and create a custom fit to serve your orthopedic needs. A scanner creates a real-time 3D image and design software is used to extensively customize the positive cast. The software integrates the scan, weight-bearing imprint information and clinical requirements of the footwear into an intuitive computerized design process.

250,000 measurements are scanned to ensure the highest anatomical accuracy to accommodate every condition of the foot. Scans are stored in our database indefinitely for future reference. If a patient’s condition should change in any way, modifications can be made quickly and efficiently to produce a new shoe. Design ready scans for all types of shoes, braces, and inserts can be created in less than five minutes.

Advanced Engineering Software

Advanced pattern engineering and grading software is used to design the upper of the shoe. Complex manual processes are emulated in a fraction of the time with a level of accuracy that is only possible with a computer based system. Although custom-molded shoes may look different than conventional shoes due to their unique modifications, we make every effort to ensure that your footwear appears cosmetically pleasing without compromising your need for precise fit, comfort and function.

Laser Precision Cutting

A high speed precision cutter carves out textiles and leather for the final production of the shoe. It is equipped with a “pinch and grab” feeding system that assures maximum material fixing. The perfect parallelism between knife and working surface and advanced laser cutting technology grants the highest level of accuracy. Jerry Miller Shoes are constructed using some of the most durable and lightweight materials available today, including glove leather uppers and lining, customizable bases, Plastazote inserts and abrasive-resistant soles.

Handcrafted Assembly

Our talented and experienced craftsmen meticulously hand assemble each shoe and its parts to create the finished product. In the final stages of production, each shoe is inspected by a technician to ensure every shoe leaves our facility looking great. With great attention to detail, we build our shoes with durability, comfort, and style in mind. We make sure each shoe is treated with care and precision from the template stage until they reach the patient’s feet.